Monop was created with one purpose, to give our clients what they really want and help them grow. A lot of social media agencies and marketing agencies tend to help big businesses, or businesses with an average income flow. Monop wants not only to help does big businesses but also the small business area, that’s why we have created the best plans for businesses that are just starting.


Monop is a business that is obsessed with creating content and marketing that really works. We love generating subscribers, as we like to call them, which are the people that either follow your business or likes your social media page. But what differentiates a subscriber from a follower? Easy, a subscriber is someone that’s in love with the content you post and that is willing to buy your product and/or service, a follower is just a person who liked a post or a picture of your business but is not willing to buy. We create marketing and content that really works, but, how do we know that is going to work? We have created our own user testing service, this means that before launching any type of content or marketing plan, we send it to a bunch of people around the world and get their pure opinion, but, we don't only send it to any person, we send it to people that would like to buy your product. So for example, if your business is selling cars, we would send our content and a demonstration of the marketing to people around the world or in a specific region that like cars, and get their opinion on it.



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